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Stepan Terteryan is an Armenian born jeweller who specialises in the ancient art of filigree, a technique that dates back to the 3rd Century BC and particularly of the Etruscan period. Filigree metalwork is a technique that is traditionally passed down from master to apprentice and is consequently regarded as a dying art form.


Stepan has mastered this specialist technique through years of dedicated training. The skills, technical expertise and precision acquired from this enables him to not only create bespoke filigree jewellery, but to develop other metalwork skills that are required of an experienced jeweller.


His work encapsulates the process of drawing from ancient techniques and applying this to the creation of fine bespoke jewellery that is modern and contemporary in form.


All jewellery is handmade, in-house and expertly crafted. Stepan has 30 years of experience making fine jewellery.  

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