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About Stepan

Stepan Terteryan grew up in Armenia where he studied art and design at University and apprenticed in the ancient art of filigree. 

Filigree metalwork is a technique d
ating back to the 3rd Century BC and particularly of the Etruscan period. It is an art which is traditionally passed down from master to apprentice and is consequently regarded now as a dying art form.​
Stepan has mastered this specialist technique over 35 years of dedicated training. The skills, technical expertise and precision acquired from this enables him to not only create bespoke filigree jewellery, but to develop fine metalwork skills that are required of an experienced jeweller. He remains committed to using tradional practices of hand drawing wire, using hand crafted leather footbellows and soldering techniques which are infinitely sensitive.

Stepan's limited edition collections draw on these ancient techniques, skilfully embedded within contemporary designs creating fine bespoke jewellery that is strkingly modern while preserving ancient traditions.

Stepan's expertise is now also sought for the restoration of antique jewellery and precious gold and silverware. 

Stepan's craftmanship has been recognised by awards, exhibitions within Goldsmith's Hall and most recently through invitation to join The Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers. He became a Freeman in April 2023.

Stepan's work is currently on exhibition at The Guildhall  , Treasures of Gold and Silver Wire.
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